Waterford Ancient Graveyards Project

This project will look at the catalogue of graveyards in Waterford City and County. Many of these graveyards are ancient and contain a rich and valuable source of information on our predecessors and past generations. Our aim is to look at each graveyard and to preserve it in its entirety, and share it with the Waterford community and our friends and relatives abroad.


The scope of the project is a huge undertaking, which will not be possible without the help of volunteers, communities, the Waterford City and County Council (WCCC) and other partners. A considerable range of research has already been undertaken by people, groups, statutory bodies, genealogical centres and others. We hope and intend to gather this information together.


The proposal is being prepared at the moment and comments and suggestions are always welcome.


The main aims are: 


  1. To gather and collate existing research on ancient graveyards

  2. To assess the current condition of ancient graveyards

  3. To plan the works required for each ancient graveyard - condition, accessibility, ownership, security.

  4. To survey the graveyard

  5. To work with local communities to preserve and protect these graveyards

  6. To cooperate and collaborate with partner bodies, WCCC, history/heritage groups, genealogical centres and others

  7. To present, coherently, information on each graveyard to all interested persons, communities, bodies

  8. To actively promote the history of these sites.

  9. To develop a tour for visitors, friends and ourselves.


The Project is phased, please follow the links to find out more.


IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION on any Waterford graveyard, please email us at: info@waterfordcivictrust.ie  


List of Graveyards

September 5, 2012

This is a list of graveyards in Waterford City and County, as recorded by the National Monuments. If you know of one not on the list, email the Trust.

Graveyard Dunhill 2013.jpg

Phase 1

May 28, 2015

Phase One of the Waterford Ancient Graveyards Project is being prepared. We will look at three graveyards, compiling the history and connecting past generations with home and abroad.

Graveyard Dunhill 2008.jpg

Can You Help

April 22, 2013

You can help in many ways by contribution information on graveyards, by involving others, giving time or other help. Our graveyards are a valuable source of history and you can share this information with friends and relatives at home and abroad