Location: Conduit Lane, Blackfriars Abbey

Geoffrey of Waterford



Situated on Conduit Lane, the Dominican priory of St. Saviour was established in the early thirteenth century within the Anglo-Norman defences of the city. During the reign of Henry III in 1235 the citizens of Waterford were granted permission ‘to build an edifice for the use of the Friars Preachers in a void place within the walls of their city in which in ancient times there was an old tower’.


During the thirteenth century a Waterford Dominican, Geoffrey of Waterford became famous as a scholar, fluent in Latin, Greek and Arabic and among other works translated the Physiognomica and De Regimine Principum of Aristotle from the original Greek. He died in Paris in 1300. Together with the other monasteries the Dominican priory was suppressed in 1541 by Henry VIII.