Location: 22, Lady Lane

Dr. Thomas Lewis Mackesy


Thomas L. Mackesy, MD, FRCSI

Thomas Lewis Mackesy who was born in Waterford, and apprenticed to his father (an apothecary), saw a good deal of practice at the Leper Hospital in Waterford. He went on to train in Dublin for the office of assistant-surgeon in the army. He served for seven years in the artillery and was present when the British were repulsed at Guadeloupe. 


On his return from service, Mackesy settled down to civil practice. He became a member of the College of Surgeons in England in 1809 and was appointed Surgeon to the Leper and Fanning Hospitals in Waterford.  He was Mayor of Waterford 1841-1842, and on his link in the Waterford Mayoral Chain his motto was In Deo Manuque Fides.