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Richard II


Richard II was born at the Abbey of St. Andrew in Bordeaux on 6 January 1367. He was the son of Edward the Black Prince who died in 1376 and grandson of Edward III. When his grandfather died in 1377 Richard was crowned king at the age of ten.  


In 1394 Richard used Waterford as a bridgehead for a major military expedition to Ireland in an attempt to pacify the McMurroughs of Wicklow. He arrived in Waterford with a fleet of over 500 ships and although he enjoyed some success he was not able to pacify the country in the long-term. He came back to Waterford in 1399 but shortly after his arrival he learned that his exiled cousin Henry Bolingbroke had landed in England. He returned to England but was deposed by Bolingbroke who was ultimately crowned Henry IV. Richard died, probably murdered in 1400.

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