Location: Arundel Lane

Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice


Edmund Rice was born to Robert Rice and Margaret Rice (née Tierney) in Callan County Kilkenny in 1762. As a young man, Rice spent two years at a school in Kilkenny and in 1779 he moved to Waterford where his uncle Michael Rice was a successful merchant. Following his uncle’s death, he inherited the business and in 1787 married Mary Elliot. Mary died in 1779 following two years of marriage and Edmund was left to care for their infant daughter, also named Mary.


A devout Catholic, Edmund Rice established a school in New Street, Waterford in 1802 to teach poor Catholic boys, along the lines of a similar school established to teach poor girls by the Presentation order in 1798. He convinced other men to join him and in 1808 Edmund Rice and his followers took religious vows as a community, thus laying the foundation of the Presentation and Christian Brothers.