Location: Colbeck Street

Colbeck Gate


Also known as the ‘chamber of green cloth’ it was located at the junction of Colbeck Street and the Mall. The earliest reference to this gate dates from an inquisition of 1224. However, as this gate gave access to St. Catherine’s Abbey which was founded before 1200 and which stood on the site of the present court house, it may be of an earlier date.


The 1224 inquisition also refers to St. Katherine’s Gate – which may have been an alternative name for this gate. In the seventeenth century the gate was used as a prison, private residence and later as an arms store. In 1680 for example it was ordered that ‘the ammunition belonging to the city to be lodged in the garret of Colbeck castle, and that two doors and locks and keys be provided’. In 1696 Thomas Christmas was given permission to alter the front of Colbeck’s castle to make the passage higher.  The gate was finally demolished in the early eighteenth century.