Clyde Shipping Company

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Established in the 1820s, the Clyde Shipping Co. was the first steam ship company ever established. In 1859 the Clyde Shipping Co. started a weekly service from Glasgow to Waterford and Cork with two ships, the Killarney and the Vivandiere. In 1870 the Clyde company co-operated with the Malcolmsons on cross-channel routes. In 1912 it took over the Waterford Steamship Co. and its three ships, the Clodagh, the Reginald and the Dunbrody which was renamed the Arklow.


During World War I two Cldye ships, the Formby and the Coninbeg were torpedoed by German U Boats. In the inter-war period Clyde Shipping continued to operate a cross channel service from Waterford carrying passengers, cargo and live cattle. In the post-war years the cross-channel trade from Waterford entered a period of serious decline, and the SS Rockabill was the last of the Clyde steamers to operate from Waterford.

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