Location: Waterford Health Park, Slievekeale Road

AWN Pugin



Augustus Welby Pugin, the architect, designer, writer, and theorist who was born in London in 1812 and had an enormous influence upon architecture and design throughout the English-speaking world well into this century. He studied with his father, a French-born architect.  Pugin favoured the revival of fourteenth-century gothic style for which he is chiefly remembered. 


After his conversion to Roman Catholicism in 1835, Pugin looked towards Ireland with its overwhelmingly Catholic population for commissions to design Catholic churches and religious institutions. From the late 1830s until his early death in 1852, Pugin designed a large number of Irish churches and convents as well as the great seminary at Maynooth and the Waterford Health Park which was a convent, although he only visited the country only about ten times in all and never for longer than twelve days at a time he had a huge influence on the architecture of the Irish landscape.


From the Mayor’s speech at the unveiling:


AWN Pugin died at the relatively young age of 40 from health complications that would be easily treated and cured today.  I’m sure it would make him very happy to think that his design plays such a large part in looking after people’s health